About Me

Something you should know about me from the get-go. I am a story teller.   So naturally, I need to start with a story. 

So about a decade ago, my then boyfriend (who is now my husband so spoiler alert this story has a happy ending) asked me to go on my very first hike while we were dating. He told me all about these beautiful mountains in New Hampshire and that it been a tradition in his family and he wanted to share the mountains with me.  My heart was flying high hearing these words as we were newly dating and I had these visions of being one with nature and slowing taking in the breathtaking scenery to the top of the mountain hand and hand.  We would be laughing, sharing stories, and simply enjoying each other’s company.  I showed up to the hike decked out in my “hiking outfit” with cute hiking pigtails and my new pink Nike running shoes and he took one look at me and realized I was gearing up for a far different experience than what he had planned for the day. Fast forward EIGHT hours and me crying on a rock because my pink shoes were ruined, we hiked single file so no hand holding, I was hungry because our sandwiches spoiled before we could eat them, my back was aching, and we never actually made it to the top of the mountain because we ran out of daylight. Do I need to give you any more reasons why I was crying on this rock refusing to take another step forward as I told him to bring the car to me in the woods? Yea I didn’t think so.  It started to get dark and I wasn’t moving one bit. He finally convinced begged me to start walking again and after seeing the panic in his eyes that we would never get off this mountain I stood up and started walking only to find the exit was no more than 100ft ahead of us.  We kissed the ground and then each other and hopped in the car to get as far away from that mountain. We have spent many days laughing so hard about the hike that nearly killed us and our relationship a decade ago. 

This hike is how I see momhood. 

Sometimes the beautiful visions in your mind don’t match up to the reality of motherhood. Sometimes you can plan as much as possible the kind of mother to aspire to be, but in reality, life is messy and you can’t plan for every twist and turn when it comes to kids. Sometimes you run out of snacks and illogical tantrums happen because someone is hangry. Sometimes you think it will take 5 minutes and it actually takes 5 hours (like getting out of the door or putting shoes on 3 tiny humans).  Sometimes you are craving together time, but your partner needs to have space or quiet time and you aren’t on the same page. Sometimes you never reach your destination.  Sometimes motherhood is so physically exhausting your back aches at the end of a day.  Sometimes begging (and bribery) does actually work. Sometimes the next phase is near and you just never know it until you turn that corner and see the light.  Sometimes after a bad day you still kiss the ones you love and know tomorrow is a new day. Sometimes you just have to laugh at the absurdity of it all because what else is there to do? 

At the end the day we count our blessings because all these experiences as a mother make us stronger, more alive, and most importantly laughing together as a team.  We are so thankful for that experience because without this hike or motherhood my life would probably be less exciting and adventurous. So yes,  life isn’t perfect and I may never make it to the top of that mountain (i still haven’t made it to the peak of that dang mountain!), but so what? I set my sights on other mountains (better mountains!) to conquer in my life (marriage, a career, kids, and traveling!) that the 4000 ft mountain of my early 20s seems like an ant hill nowadays.  Life and motherhood is all about perspective and not taking yourself too seriously.   


So, besides that famous hike what else should you know about me?


  1. I have 3 kids.  My husband wanted 2 kids and I wanted 3 or 4 kids.  I thought it might have been a lengthy discussion convincing him to have a third child.  Then I got pregnant with twins after we already had our first child and that took care of that argument. 3 kids it is! 
  2. Oprah has been a crucial part of shaping my life.  Her show, her books, her magazine have been so inspirational. Everyone wants their Oprah Aha! moment!   Of course, when a person means this much to you something is bound to go wrong when you meet them for the first time in your life.  When I met Oprah, and we will use the word “met” loosely as I came out of a bathroom stall, saw who was standing at the mirror and freaked out so left the bathroom with a shriek and nothing else said except for profanities later when realizing what had happened. Regret is a powerful thing, people. Not as powerful as mom guilt though.    
  3. Breakfast for any meal.  I love breakfast, I love brunch, I love breakfast for dinner. I love it all.  I ate pancakes almost on a daily basis my senior year of college.  Before kids, a well-balanced meal was cereal for dinner.  Now we have stepped up our breakfast game with eggs, pancakes, waffles and all the trimmings.    It is glorious and it’s a great day if I get to eat breakfast more than once a day.  
  4. I can nap anywhere.  Plane, train, car, couch, standing up, at a kitchen table. Really anywhere that gives me about 10 minutes of stillness can lead to me falling asleep.  It doesn’t matter what is going on around me or how many pots and pans are banging I can nap at a drop of a hat. This really helped me get through those early “I have newborn twin” days. 
  5. I have never left college.  I have worked at a college since I graduated college and continue to work at one today.  Sometimes I feel this keeps me young at heart (#yolo) and other times it makes me feel really old (wait I was HOW old when you were born?!?).  It has been a wild ride working on a college campus and has been a large passion of mine helping students through this huge developmental phase in their life.

There is so much more to share, but you have heard enough about myself and I want to learn more about YOU! Are you currently a working mom? How many kids do you have? Any twin moms out there? Moms whose kids are going to kindergarten this year? Already went to kindergarten and have any tips?

I would love to learn more about you so please send me an email at momhoodrocks@gmail.com and tell me a story! It would truly make my day. 

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