7 Awesome Podcasts for Working Moms

Podcast for Working Moms

My commutes to work used to be me jamming to the radio in the car.  I really loved listening to one station and it put me in a positive mindset and typically gave me stories to tell at work throughout the day because the hosts were hilarious! Then I moved to a new state and didn’t love the radio stations that I was listening to on the radio. I listened to Spotify for a little while and then one of my favorite blogs created a podcast (Young House Love Has a Podcast!) and that opened the door to listen to a wide range of podcasts.  

What started out as 1 or 2 podcast episodes a week turned into being engrossed in about 10 episodes a week.  I have listened during my solo car rides, when cleaning the house, making dinner, office lunchtime walks, waiting rooms, and even grocery stores! Although I listen to all types of podcasts the ones I gravitate towards the most in my free time help me gain focus in my work and home life. They have given me practical tips and resources to add into my daily life rather than more leisure listening.  The podcasts have helped me gain focus in what I want in my career, provided me valuable advice and tips as a working mother, and helped increase my happiness with my life.  Many of these podcasts are not just for working moms and are listened to by millions of men and women.   I truly find that listening to podcasts this past year has been life changing and has given me more purpose and direction in my daily life.  


As my list of podcasts has grown over the past year I wanted to share with you the 7 podcasts that I keep coming back to that have inspired, motivated, and encouraged me to find purpose in my life as a working mother. (8 if you include my love for Young House Love Has a Podcast!)  You can find all of these podcasts on Itunes, but I linked to their specific podcast website. I also linked to some of my favorite episodes so you can try them out and see if you connect with any of these podcasts.  

Manager’s Tools 

If you supervisor or manage a team of individuals Manager’s Tools Podcast is extremely helpful.  I typically listen to this podcast when I am struggling with an issue on my team or need suggestions to managing more effectively.  The advice isn’t direted to specifically women, but the practical application makes up for it not being geared specifically for working mothers.  

Try these episodes: 

The Lively Show

I was reading the blog Jess Lively long before she started a podcast, but I am so happy that she started a podcast called The Lively Show.  This podcast is incredible and truly covers so much ground in the topics that she covers on her podcast.  Some of my favorite topics are career,  motherhood, wellness and simplifying.   

Try these episodes: 

Beyond the To List 

This Beyond the To List podcast has a little bit of something for everyone (not just women!) and every podcast that I have listened to I have been able to find nuggets to help with my productivity (mainly at work).  The episodes are very specific to a topic and there are so many options to listen to that you are bound to find a solution to helping you be more productive in your life.  Some of the topics include sleep, procrastination, Evernote, managing workflow, and of course to-do lists.    

Try these episodes: 

The Broad Experience: 

The Broad Experience Podcast dives right into women’s issues in the workforce.  When I am listening to these podcasts I find myself vigorously nodding my head and having so many takeaways from the episodes. The host is British and I just find her voice incredibly soothing (especially for the morning drives!).  This podcast isn’t just for mothers, but for women in general.  I find the podcasts to be so honest and touching on topics that can be taboo in society (such as the debate of the glass ceiling and race and diversity in the workplace).  

Try these episodes: 


The Productive Woman

The Productive Woman Podcast has helped increase my productivity and has helped me recognize when I am getting stressed.  Stress was never an issue for me until I became a working mother.  This podcast has been invaluable in my professional and personal life and has really helped guide my workflow and help me recognize when I am stressed and better coping mechanisms to deal with stressful situations.  I also really enjoy the connections they make with body image and productivity and success on their episodes. This one is definitely worth trying out if you find you get stressed at work (and take that stress home with you!).    

The Productivist Podcast

So the Productivist Podcast is filled with amazing tips and tools and resources regarding productivity.  This podcast though, in my opinion, is not for beginners looking to step their toe in being more productive.   I am usually listening to this podcast at my desk feverishly writing down notes while listening to this podcast.  It has been extremely helpful, but can feel overwhelming because there is just so much information to take in within each episode.  I have really grown in my strategies and tools and efforts to streamline since listening to this podcast. It is totally worth a listen, but have a pen and paper ready!

Try these episodes: 

Let It Out with Katie Dalebout Podcast

I thrive on structure and routine and finding resources that will create an environment that keeps me focused and moving forward in my career.  I can easily get wrapped up in my calendar, to-do lists and tasks for the week.  The Let it Out podcast has helped me to slow down, create self-care in my daily routine, and help with my overall successes in life.  I gravitate towards this podcast when I am feeling burnt out, stressed and overwhelmed either professionally or personally.  I added it to this post because I think it is important to take a step back at times and refocus on other areas of my life in order to progress to the next level.  If you find you need to be grounded and refocused this may be a great podcast to add to your rotation. 

Try these episodes:    

Have you listened to podcasts? What are your favorite podcasts that you would recommend? Would love to hear what others are listening to throughout their week! 

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