10 Simple Strategies to be Healthy at Your Desk Job

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I easily spend 50+ hours a week staring at some type of screen while sitting.  A 2013 survey  by Ergotron found that Americans are sitting an average of 13 hours a day and sleeping an average of 8 hours resulting in a sedentary lifestyle of around 21 hours a day.  Those statistics are mind blowing and seem impossible.  Although, if I tracked a week of sitting I am sure it would be very close to these numbers.  

Recently I started a job that is mainly computer work and I find that I could be sitting at my desk the entire time and not be active throughout those 8 hours during the day.  I quickly realized that I needed to be proactive with having a healthy lifestyle at work rather than hoping that my job hand these opportunities to me.  It was a difficult shift in my mindset and once I took the time to make it a priority I noticed a big difference in my energy, attitude, weight, and overall happiness.  

Eating well and being active work together for a healthier day.

Regularly bringing in healthy snacks and lunch has made a large difference since my work is mainly sedentary.  Adding a water bottle to my lunch bag has also made a huge impact as I am terrible at drinking water throughout the day.  Taking the lunch break and mindfully eating rather than eating on the go has lead to less snacking and stopping once I am full.  I started to see an improvement of how I was feeling (and how my pants were feeling) and added more movement at work as my energy started to improve.  Initially I started with using the stairs and then a few laps around the building and recently I signed up for a lunch yoga program at work.  Using my fitness tracker to keep me accountable and do simple stretches at my desk when meetings and deadlines impact my daily steps.  Focusing on the little step towards staying healthy (even at a desk job) has helped me see how they are impacting my daily lifestyle.  I find that the move active and mindful eating I do at work the more I carry that attitude into the rest of my day.  

Either you run the day or the day runs you. 

Now that I am about 6 months into the new position I have been able to add items to my desk to keep me healthy outside of eating well and being more active.  Some of the additions have been adding a plant, to-go lysol wipes, hand sanitizer, and happiness lotion.  The health benefits for these items range from increase in concentration, memory and energy levels, boosts immunity, and decreases stress.  I can’t have a standing desk, but if you can then I would recommend taking advantage because there are so many health benefits to this type of desk. Check out juststand.org as the information is fascinating on the standing desk! I have used an Iphone app Ergonomics to help with my posture and positioning of my work space. These simple steps have made a large impact on my health (and happiness!) and I continue to look for more ways to increase my health during my work day.  

There are a ton of options to stay healthy while working at a desk job, but I have created my top 10 in staying healthy within a desk job.  These may help you add more healthy intentions into your work day and provide you with health benefits beyond the nine to five job. 


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What are your tips in staying healthy and active at your desk job?Would love to hear what others are doing to combat the sedentary lifestyle of the desk job. Comment below on which of the top 10 you would like to add to your daily nine to five routine? 

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  1. Jon

    February 11, 2018 at 10:31 pm

    I love your tips, Cari. These are all wonderful to have a great day at work and keep yourself productive. I personally always try to have my office space clean and I use ergo furniture to stay confortable and avoid back pain.

    1. Cari

      February 16, 2018 at 5:19 pm

      Yes I would love to get new furniture at my desk. My company is working on it, but for now I use pillows and online resources to make sure that my chair is helping and not harming my health. Have a great day.

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